The Phenomenon of Street Music

The Phenomenon of Street Music – street music documentary made by World Street Music project. We filmed more than 200 videos with talented street musicians from France, Spain, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia and other countries discovering what is music and what is street music. We want to change people’s stereotypes about musicians who perform in the street because some of the are amazing… just stop and listen.

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Ravanhatta player in Jaisalmer

Busking Ravanhatta player is performing Rajasthani Folk music in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan, India). The Ravanahatha (Ravanhatta or Ravanastron or Ravana hasta veena) is a popular fiddle of western India. The bowl is made of cut coconut shell, the mouth of which is covered with goat hide. The principal strings are two: one of steel and the other of a set of horsehair.